A brief (but not so brief) introduction

Once I’ve heard that you gain another soul when you learn another language. I totally agree with that. During my “sabbatical” year in Europe, when I moved to Ireland to study English, I became a different person. I mean, I was the same person, but at the same time, I wasn’t exactly the same. The cause was not only the experiences along the way, but also the fact that you start expressing yourself in another language. I’m a Portuguese native speaker and, before living in Dublin, English was only a very small part of my day. Even though I had studied for hours before travelling , I wasn’t living the language. It was like Maths or Biology. I was studying something out of me.

However, English became everything when I moved to Ireland. Decided to learn as much as I could, I drastically reduced almost everything in Portuguese language from my daily life, especially in the beginning. Quite immediately, I realized that my English was much better than I expected, and I was more than ready to live my life in my second language. It’s wonderful to see yourself speaking a foreign tongue without trouble. Friends, news on Facebook, my sentimental complications, everything in English. I also created a diary to get better day after day. I was able to think in English, that famous thing you think you’ll never be able to do. Things seemed strange first, but after a while, I noticed that I loved myself speaking English. What’s more, I loved the person that I was turning into in Ireland.

One and a half month after leaving Europe, I miss Ireland, I miss Dublin, I miss my friends, I miss my crazy routine there… but this is not everything. I noticed that I miss speaking and living in English. It’s good to speak Portuguese again regularly because it’s my language, but I also miss that feeling that I had in Ireland. Exactly that soul that I mentioned in the beginning. That soul that was born inside me there.

All the words that I’ve written so far serve just to say that I don’t want to lose that soul after some months or years. I don’t want to forget everything that I learned because of routine, busy life or something like this. I want to keep that adventurous and open-minded person inside me, that’s why I decided to create a blog only in English. I intend to write here as much as I can, various things, different themes. It’ll be my space, my world, a kind of refuge. It’s a silly project, but it’s good to have new ideas after a long period of total lack of creativeness. It’ll be awesome to practise my writing in English, unburden my mind and remember all the time that we have to live, not only exist.


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