Inspiring readings

As I find lots of interesting articles on the Internet every day, I’ll publish some links on the blog. I do believe that sharing positive things helps to spread good vibrations around the world and drive people to use their time to learn something new. What’s more, it’s a way to discover more awesome blogs and websites 🙂

The Italian hostel built inside abandoned medieval grottos – When I saw these pictures, I wanted to take a flight to Italy at once. Gorgeous place

How to be a better travel writer – If you want to improve your abilities in this field (like me!) the reading is worthy

Three European languages that you didn’t know existed – This kind of article makes you feel even more passionate about the world, people, and their mysteries

Welcome to Oymyakon – the coldest village on Earth – Freezing, but fascinating

Travel and the art of losing friends – A reflection about friends and relations (I experienced something like this when I came back from Ireland what lead me to a resolution)


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