Inspiring reading (3)

I’ve been incredibly busy these days. My life turned upside down and suddenly I changed careers, moving from Journalism to Language Teaching (I’ll write a post about it). I moved back to Sao Paulo two months ago, and it has been a big challenge to adapt to my new/old city again. Finally, I could reopen my files to update something on this blog. I haven’t had the time I wanted to read, but I hope it’s just a temporary (and confused) period. Here we have the most interesting things that I’ve read last weeks.

35-year-old American who thinks modern life is too stressful works 6 months a year, then lives on $10 a day adventuring around the world on a bicycle – A kind of George Orwell in “Down and Out in Paris and London”, a guy just decided to work as little as possible. As a result, he lives a very simple (and amazing) life. Fucking inspiring.

The rise of Slow Journalism – Another dream of mine. I wish we could make Slow Journalism a reality. Nowadays, I believe there’s little space for this kind of initiative

Next stop, Siberia! The strange and beautiful world of Soviet bus stops – in pictures – Great images about Soviet bus stops. It also gave me another crisis of wanderlust. Imagine to be on the road again to see all these parades…

Forget wedding plans — Pinterest’s massive ‘wander women’ trend is all about travelling solo – We don’t care about guys that much, fellows, sorry for disappointing you. Instead of husbands, women want to travel and discover the world – and ourselves.

6 city Instagram accounts to follow – A great website to get information about cities, new projects and ideas. For those who like the subject, it’s a good one to follow – as well as these accounts on Instagram.

Hope you enjoy the links 🙂


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