for more wanderlust in 2016

It was such a long year… Lots of things happened (some were good and others not that much), but I prefer to stick to those facts which made a real difference in my life. That’s why I want to use the last day of 2015 to remember a little about my trips. They were the best for sure and I’ll begin the next year (tomorrow!) with a hope to explore more wonderful spots.

Only this year, I’ve been to:

Lithuania – Vilnius and Trakai

Latvia – Riga

Northern Ireland – Belfast and Giant’s Causeway

France – Paris and Versailles

Belgium – Brussels and Brugge

Netherlands – Amsterdam

Germany  – Berlin

Poland – Krakow and Warsaw

Czech Republic – Prague

Austria – Vienna

Slovakia – Bratislava

Hungary – Budapest

Italy  – Rome, Florence, Pisa, Lucca, Venice, Milan and Bergamo

Ireland – Cork, Kinsale and Waterford

Not to mention the craic during St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin, with old and new friends, some one-day trips around my place in Brazil and the joy of being back to Sao Paulo after almost two years.

Little by little I intend to write about all these places. It’ll be kind of inspiration to keep the dream to discover all the world.


Chilling out in Kinsale, one of my favourite spots in Ireland


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