Coincidence or prediction?

Some things in life are hard to explain (especially in mine sometimes). The second article that I wrote to this blog was about my “new polyglot soul”, that I developed only after my experience in Ireland. I wrote that post in May.

Five months later, I became part of the Polyglot Club in Sao Paulo and now I’m the main organizer of the initiative. I started to go to the meetings as a “common” participant who wanted to practise English and Spanish. Some time later, I was invited to be one of the hosts and nowadays I take care of the Club as a special part of my days.

The concept is simple: to gather people who enjoy languages and cultures and meet new fellows. The idea is based on the international organization Polyglot Club, and each group has its own features that depend on local conditions essentially. You don’t need to speak several languages to be part on it; you just need to be open-minded to knowledge. It has been challenging, but rewarding. I love the feeling of helping people to connect to others. Yesterday we had the first event in 2016 with about 50 attendees.


I wouldn’t imagine in May to have such a “dare” in the end of the year.  I just wrote the article to express my new passion for languages. I had forgotten the article until last week when I found it by chance.

Impossible to guess if the writing in May was just a coincidence or a kind of prediction of my future. Who knows. However, it does sound a bit awkward.


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