Backpacking life (4) -the secrets of Glasgow

After my wonderful time in Edinburgh, I headed for Glasgow in order to continue my trip around Europe – more specifically, around Scotland at this time. I went there by bus – actually, the only ticket that I hadn’t bought in advance. It took me some pounds more, but I always prefer some flexibility in the morning if I have the chance. What’s more, there are a good number of buses, which depart hourly to Glasgow, so I could relax on my way to the station.

Glasgow doesn’t belong to any “must see” list in Europe. To the contrary: some people recommend you not to visit the place as it is just a normal city. No famous attractions, no famous monuments, nothing that attracts tourists willing to find stunning sights.


A typical city and its typical inhabitants

Somehow I agree with that. There’s nothing that sets Glasgow apart from other spots. You walk around the centre and you feel that you’re in a big city –modern buildings, pubs, shops, skyscrapers (not like the ones we have in Sao Paulo, of course, but sort of the same impact for Scottish people I guess).


A busy street in the centre – it was very cold!

However, I had a special interest in Glasgow, which was related to football: Glasgow Rangers is the answer! I remember when I was a child in my hometown – a small city in the south of Brazil -, and there was a radio programme about the European competitions every Sunday. They always talked about Scottish league and, from that time, I nurtured the dream of being in Scotland (and in Glasgow). In a certain way, travelling in Europe was a way to connect myself to the girl that I was in the past – my wishes, my expectations, all my fantasies.


A nice and charming square 

There was also something fantastic about Glasgow, which I ignored until a couple of weeks ago. I watched a documentary about AC/DC and I discovered from there that Angus and Malcolm Young (AC/DC founders) were born there – after a while they moved to Australia. As I’m a great AC/DC fan, what a fantastic coincidence!

I had just one day to see everything – in the evening I was going to Cardiff, in Wales. I had put my backpack in a locker at the bus station, so I didn’t have to carry any weight with me. After a stroll in the centre, I went to visit the “old town”, which seemed an unmissable attraction. And I was right! Some museums tell you the story about Glasgow, Scotland and even more. One of them displays valuable pieces which represent several religions. I’m sorry for those who ignore Glasgow in Scotland because they miss all those treasures.


St. Mungo Museum of Religous Art and Life – very good!! 


More beautiful than any postcard


As I was alone, I set up the camera and took the pic by myself

Besides the museums, you can visit the remarkable Glasgow Cathedral, for sure one of my favourite churches in Europe. The brown falls on the ground and the grey aspect of the trees, as a result of the autumn, completes the outstanding scenery. I definitely recommend visiting the United Kingdom during that season because the landscape is gorgeous. In addition, there are fewer visitors, so you can enjoy the place without flocks of tourists buzzing around.


Still in love with this landscape

I also visited the graveyard in front of the cathedral. I’ve always been into this sort of “attraction”, so I was delighted, wandering around the graves with my camera on hand.


The graveyard which keeps lots of Glasgow’s history

I went back to the centre amazed with the priceless heritage that is still available to be admired hundreds of years after its construction. Scotland was just as magical as I had imagined my whole life. Fortunately, my next destination (Wales and its countless castles) would be another great chapter in my trip.


A dream


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