Inspiring reading (4)

It’s time to share some of the most interesting articles that I came across over the last weeks. Definitely, the world is the amazing. Thank goodness we have the Internet to know about all these treasures.

10 signs you are an outgoing introvert – Forget those listicles that only relate introverts with awkwardness and isolation. Here we have a proof that introverts enjoy social life and people (not ALL the time, that’s the point)

Illustrations that capture what it means to be asexual –People have the right to be themselves. And no one else can tell them what to do or how to behave.

Could the dominance of English harm global scholarship? – A thought provoking article about the dangers of having only a prevailing language nowadays. The global supremacy of English language can lead to a situation of discouragement among students, scientists and researchers. What’s more, we can lose access loads of interesting information because they’re not produced in English. Frightening.

Language is dying out and this infographic is proof – This piece of news brings extremely sad perspectives. Just imagine how much information about cultures will be lost with the disappearance of so many languages

Travelling through Europe permanently is cheaper than the 9-5 life – I know that nowadays the Internet has overwhelmed readers with stories about people who quit everything to pursue a meaningful life (as if it was a trouble-free choice), but it’s always good to remember that other paths are possible.

Linguist genocide – why kill the Welsh language – Essentially, an outflow and a reminder that the Welsh language is alive.

A creepy and sad way to save a town – In a Japanese village, a woman produces dolls to occupy the places that belonged to people in the past (the community has a decreasing number of inhabitants). The oddest thing that I’ve seen lately.

Dictionary of dead language complete after 90 years – This is out of this word. The feeling of achieving such a striking goal is incalculable.

That’s it for today! Hopefully, I’ll make more time not only to read remarkable stories but also to write my own impressions about this universe that amazes me so much.


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