Inspiring reading (5)

For over three months I’ve been trying to write and post a list of nice links I came across, what says a lot about my life last weeks.

Things have started to change (in a positive way) and I intend to write about that as well.

So far, here it’s the list of some inspiring news 🙂

Bridges built by the ancients that are still in use today – Old structures that amaze everyone who loves history. Glad to realize I’ve walked over four of them 🙂

What are people working on in coffee shops – Some nice stories and thoughts about working in coffee shops (a habit that I acquired over the last year)

The top 4 questions people I’m asked when I say I’m asexual – Some feeling and perceptions from an asexual person

Asexuality needs to be recognized as its own, unique sexual orientation – To know more about asexuality

Stop pretending everyone can travel – Just love this article. To travel you do need much more than “inspiration” or a “positive mindset”, as the author points out very well.

This village without roads is straight out of a fairytale book – Nothing to say, just to feel ❤




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