Why I want to be an explorer

Some time ago I watched one of the best videos I’ve come across about travelling. The lecturer, Tomislav Perko, is a Croatian guy who hit the road after losing his job during the international crisis in 2008.

His story is much the same of other backpackers, who have been using Couchsurfing, Workaway and similar websites in order to minimise their expenses during a trip. With almost no money, he spent five years on the road, discovering places, cultures and other ways of life.

Nowadays there are loads of people who became digital nomads or something like that, and their speech is quite undistinguishable. Is your job boring? Quit it. Are you happy? Change it. Leave your comfort zone. However, such big changes are not that easy for many across the globe, and at the end of the day, their “inspiration” becomes bullshit. In other words, I’m sick of all this “guidance”.

However, Perko came across as a humble guy, different from the majority of travellers these days, who seem to be full of themselves to pay attention to the world that exists outside their stories and adventures.

I’d say that the whole talk is inspiring, but something almost at the end struck me: the idea that we can be explorers exactly where we are. It’s always time to take a new street, try a different type of food in your own town or meet up new fellows.

His definition matches exactly with my viewpoint about being an explorer rather than a traveller. I don’t need to take a plane or a bus or even hitchhike to be fulfilled because all its beauty is already around me. For sure I appreciate the opportunity to go overseas as much as I can, but I can’t be put off by the idea that there is nothing else to be seen in my own region, for example.

That’s why I always look for new spots to visit in Sao Paulo, my current city, and in its surroundings. Since I came back from Europe with this different mindset I’ve been to so many outstanding towns, and I still have many to set foot in.

Now, not only is my goal for life to visit lots of countries, but also stick to the concept that life happens everywhere and we don’t need to wait to begin the change we want.


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