Learning Spanish with online courses – an experience

Today I finally finished the programme Spanish for Beginners held by Future Learn. I started the courses in January and this morning I completed the sixth and last one!

I have to admit I had a strong bias against online courses until 2015 when I had my first experience with Coursera. At that time, I took a course aimed at English teachers. Even though the activities helped me reflect on my role as an instructor, I didn’t enjoy that completely for two reasons. The first: I didn’t have much experience, especially with large classrooms, so I wasn’t able to understand many situations and concepts. Secondly, I had to move house twice during those months, and studying for an online course turned out to be too tough on those conditions.

adult-1867751_1920 (1)

My second attempt was the next year when I enrolled a course about American Law (that would help me with a previous job). I fell in love with the idea of studying wearing pyjamas, without annoying peers and respecting my own pace. Since then I took courses of English teaching, language acquisition, English for Journalism and so on.

This year, as I decided to take Spanish seriously, I saw the course as an opportunity to brush up on my skills and learn a variety of new things.  I had never studied the language properly, and doing a review on the basics improved my abilities considerably. Studying every week and living in a house with hispanoablantes made a difference.

The progress has not been as quick as I imagined, but no worries. I still have the rest of the year to study. At least now I know I’m not going to make the stupid mistakes as I used to.

Having said that, I do recommend this course for those who want some knowledge about this language. Also, if you’re not a native speaker of English (like me) it will give a chance to study two foreign languages at the same time, which in my case was very stimulating.


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